The Virtues Of The Quran By Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab

The Virtues Of The Quran By Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab

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Size 5.5 X 8.5 / Pgs.75 / SoftBack

Translator:Abu Muhammad Walid 'Ashor / Publisher: MuSunnah Publications

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    I didn’t receive what I paid for, but authentic statements received my money and I would appreciate if authentic statements contacts usps concerning the book that they delivered to usps for shipping to me

    Posted by N/A on 3rd May 2021

    I ordered the “virtues of the Qur’an” on April 19th it’s now May 3rd and the book still hasn’t come. I called in and I was told that I have to contact usps and file a claim and basically it’s on me to hunt the book down that I ordered from authentic statements. I honestly just feel as though authentic statements should at least help me out with this task instead of sending me out there to deal with this issue as it’s very possible that usps could tell me that authentic statements never delivered the book to them for shipment. And in the event that they would say that then authentic statements could provide clear proof of the exact date and time that they delivered the book. But it just would alleviate unnecessary further complications if authentic statements wouldn’t put it on the customer to go out and find the book that I paid for. Authentic statements gets paid and I get no book