Digital MP3s

Concernig MP3 Downloads

 It is our intent to digitize our entire catalog,for the sole purpose of preserving and Carrying this blessed knowledge to the next millennium.We witness that technology is constantly changing  and we must take this bless knowledge from audio cassette,MP3 or other devices to whatever format that,exist with the best of quality.

Two Types Of MP3 Downloads

 1st Type –Digitial Quality

 The first type of MP3 download is the type that is taken from a audio recording,ex.Live lecture, Class or khutbah then cleaned by way of filtering,clarity,noise reduction,hissing and volume increase.This type Of MP3 reaches our standard of Digitial quality.

 2nd type- re-mastered audio cassette

 The 2nd type of MP3,has been vigorously taken through our digitizing process of Filtering,noise reduction,clarity,hissing and volume increase,that reached our standards to be categorize as digitial quality.This MP3 is better than it’s original State ,and the knowledge is preserved.This MP3 download is classified as a re-mastered Audio cassette.