Secret Societies(Freemasons,Illuminati And Missionaries) Taken From The Work Of The Scholars

Secret Societies(Freemasons,Illuminati And Missionaries) Taken From The Work Of The Scholars

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Translator:Rasheed Barbee / Publisher: Authentic Statements Publication


Secret Societies is a collection of writings from the scholars of Islam uncovering the secret underworld of the Freemasons, Illuminati, and Christian missionaries, exposing their conspiracy to establish a New World Order. Their affiliates are covert, their undertakings are cryptic, and their objective is unmistakable.

Illuminati: “We will strengthen the freedom of individual thought with all the powers at our disposal, and we will declare war against the real enemy of man, which is religion.”

Missionaries: Inside one Southern university—one of three schools in the United States with a degree program exclusively devoted to Christianizing Muslims—Christian missionaries are trained to go undercover in the Muslim world and win converts for Jesus. Their stated goal: “To Wipe Out Islam.”

Colonialist: “When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes; and when we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land.”



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  • 5

    Posted by Maurice V. on 24th Jul 2021

    As always, the book arrived promptly and in excellent condition (Thanks Authentic Statements!). This title is definitely eye-opening to the evil plots of these people. Near the end there is practical advice for every Muslim on how to defend against their corruption. Much better and more authentic than the conspiracy theory books of the disbelievers. May Allah protect all of us from their base plans! Ameen.

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    Posted by abdul-Wali (Derek) on 11th Jun 2021

    excellent read understanding of aqeedah and minhaj is a must to benefit from this work

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    Happy to have found it

    Posted by Umm Ali on 7th Apr 2021

    I’m very glad to have found this book. Sincerely helped me make better sense of the world and be assured that the Ulema of Islam and that the Kitab and Sunnah encompass what the past and present.

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    Al hamdulilah

    Posted by Abū Sabūr (Ronnie Walker) on 27th Mar 2021

    Bi idhni Allah this book has opened my eyes and caught my attention in a way that has explained some things more in detail.

    May Allah aid our scholars, thei Bi idhni Allah (By the will of Allah) After seeking the protection from Allah, I picked the book up, started reading it, and felt magnetized to these true and beneficial exposing statements from this Muslim nation’s scholars that they have been able to proclaim to mankind by the help of Allah by way of His last Book (Quran) revealed to mankind and the Sunnah of His last Prophet and Messenger {Salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam} sent to devils and mankind as a plain warner, guider, amongst other things.

    May Allah {Sūb hanna hū wa ta Alā} aid our Scholars, their students, and the callers of Islam upon the Quran and Sunnah as practiced by the As Salaf us Saliheen.