Legal Affairs of the Khul’u By Taqi al-Deen al-Hilali

Legal Affairs of the Khul’u By Taqi al-Deen al-Hilali

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 Size 5.5 X 8.5 /  Pgs.85 / SoftBack

Tariq Ben Nuriddin Porter / Translator

Publisher: Al Rahmaniyyah Press


This precious work shines a bright light on the rights of women in Islam, which are so broadly misunderstood, misrepresented, and outright undermined by people who speak in ignorance about the Shari'ah. The author quotes a key Qur'anic verse in the book: “Women have rights over men similar to the rights which men have over them, all in accordance with the known standards of goodness.” This book comprehensively addresses the topic of a woman's right to end her marriage by way of a Khul'a,

Concerning this book, the author stated, “I, therefore, see it incumbent upon myself to write a work small in size yet full of knowledge which will bring justice for those who have been oppressed, to uncover [and bring to light] the rights of those who have had them wrongfully taken; so that each spouse knows what Allah has made mandatory upon him or her and so that harsh character is replaced by manners of the highest standard.”