Contemplating over the Quran: Fourth Edition: 1445/2024: Book One

Contemplating over the Quran: Fourth Edition: 1445/2024: Book One

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The Number of Books:1

 Size 7 X 10 /  Pgs.223

Compiled By Umar Quinn 

Publisher: Thaqafa Press


"Contemplating Over the Quran: A 29 Day Reflection Guide" combines in-depth analysis with hands-on activities for a transformative exploration of the Quran. The latest edition is presented in two volumes to improve readability and includes a wide range of insights and study questions derived from traditional Islamic scholarship.

Each day, the guide offers a detailed look at the Quran's verses, focusing on key themes, the number of verses, the context of their revelation, and a summary of each chapter. This method provides a month-long reflective study, perfect for Ramadan or any season, to enhance the reader's comprehension and connection with the Quran.

A key feature of this edition is its page-by-page guidance to the main insights, based on the Madinah Mushaf numbering, which helps readers apply the Quran's lessons to their daily lives. The guide also points out the distinct characteristics of each chapter, their connections, and discusses the Quran's main themes.

For those looking for a thorough resource for Quranic study or a way to meaningfully engage with its teachings, this book is an essential tool for deepening one's understanding and relationship with the Quran.