The Explanation Of Imam Barbahaaree' Sharh as-Sunnah (2 Vol.) By Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan

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The Number Of Books:1 Pgs.816 /2 Volumes(HB) Publisher:Dar Makkah International Translator: Abdus Sami' Abdus Salaam
This is the highly beneficial two volume work in explanation of the famous works by Imam al-Barbahaaree (d.329h) by the esteemed & noble Shaykh, Dr Saalih al- Fawzan. Its importance can be seen by virtue of its being compiled in the early times; as it is one of the books of the earliest Salaf - those who lived in the same period with the great Imams, acquired knowledge from them and reported their pure Aqidah(creed).

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    Book Quality and Content

    Posted by Usamah on 27th May 2020

    These books are high quality and worth the price. Sh. Fawzaan’s explanations are always on point and his explanation of Imaam Barbahaaree’s work is no exception.