Sincere Advice and Guidance To The Muslim Women & The Rulings Of The Evils Of The Wedding Celebrations By Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmi

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Description: Allâh the Almighty wants you to be bashful, while the Shaitân and his party want you to be licentious and evil, Allâh wants you to preserve your honor in your house, and to be a sincere partner to your husband, and to be an advising leader of the house and a skillful nurturer of the children and a trustworthy treasurer in the house of your husband; so that you will be honored and respected by your husband, your family and your relatives, and become a righteous individual in your society, but Shaitân and his party want you to be evil and wicked, they want you to seduce men and intermingle with them in offices, hotels, coffee cafes and workplaces, they want you to run after them in order to fulfill their desire, and the more you intermingle with men the worse your situation will get, until when you will become like a carcass bitten off by dogs whenever they want, or like prey that is surrounded by a bunch of wolves in a secluded area, what do you think the wolves will do to this prey!? Allaamah Shaikh Ahmad Ibn Yahya An-Najmi d.1429A.D.