Anfaal's Pretty New Pencils By Wahb at-Tamimi

Anfaal's Pretty New Pencils By Wahb at-Tamimi

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The Number of Books:1

Pgs:24 / Paperback

Author: Wahb at-Tamimi

Publisher: Dream Forward Books

(Early Reader, ages 5-7)

Blurb:Anfaal has a pack of pretty new pencils. She loves her pretty new pencils and can’t wait to take them to school. When Anfaal takes her pretty new pencils to school, her friends like them and want to use them, but Anfaal doesn’t want to share. When Anfaal won’t share, one of her friends stops speaking to her and will not play with her. Will Anfaal and her friend make up or will Anfaal lose a friend because of her pretty new pencils?

When your child is ready to read independently, but still needs support to decode and understand text and enjoy the story, Anfaal's Pretty New Pencils will fill that need inshaallaah. Parents can feel secure in knowing that their child will only encounter Isalmically appropriate themes and language in this gorgeously illustrated story.