Germantown Masjid Winter Seminar 2014

Germantown Masjid Winter Seminar 2014

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The Number Of CD'S: 21

1. The strangeness of shyness and modesty by  Rasheed Barbee

2. The levels of the strangers-by Umar Quinn

3. The strangeness of Ahlus sunnah amongst the ummah –Pt.1 to 3  by Abul hasan malik

4. What is true success?-by Anas waters

5. Who are the strangers-by  Khashiff Khan

6. Get it together-by Rasheed Barbee

7. The Health of your heart- pt.1&2 by Umar Quinn

8. Strangeness in Islam-Pt.1&2  by  Umar Quinn

9. Some characteristics of the strangers by Hassan as Somali

10. Glad tidings to the strangers-by  Shaykh Ahmed Bazmool

11. Important principles concerning the strangers- by Anwar Wright

12. The story of ibraheem- pt1&2 by Hassan Somali

13. Raising our youth on the qualities of a leader-Pt.1 & 2 by Umar Quinn

14. Explanation of the pillars of Emaan  by Taqweem Aslam

15. The correct understanding of Tawheed by Taqweem Aslam